Our first days in Lyon, France


My bed is comfortable. The bathroom is clean. I was worried about what we would end up with after seeing only a few photos and positive reviews, but the apartment I chose from over 4,000 miles away has turned out to be lovely. It is in the heart of downtown Lyon and tomorrow I hope to take a few photos of the neighborhood that we will call home for the next four months.

The actual trip seemed really short and the kids were great the whole way. They thought the overnight flight was the coolest thing ever, getting to watch movies all night long and having food brought to them! Once we arrived at the Lyon airport, we were further spoiled when our friend Nico appeared to take us the 15 miles into town. One of our three checked bags had been misplaced, and from the look of the long line it would seem many other passengers where in the same boat- err, plane. Instead of waiting, we made the decision to leave since our wonderful ride couldn’t wait around for us forever. On the way to our apartment, the kids fell asleep in Nico’s car, and as for me – my two cups of very good British Airway’s tea kept me going well into that morning.

After crashing at the apartment for a few hours, Mark returned to the airport that evening via the Lyon metro. It was good for him to get familiar with the subway without the kids in tow. He successfully retrieved our bag, which happen to have all of my clothes inside, and brought back a couple of pizzas for the kiddos. I was glad to have something other than a towel to wear and the kids scarfed down every bite of food, even the smashed cookies we’d brought with us from Milwaukee. I tried the regular night routine of baths, stories and kisses, but the giggling and playing continued long after lights were out so I had to issue a few threats. It had been quiet in their room for over an hour when I peeked in only to see four big eyes staring back at me. It was 3 in the morning here, but we were still on central standard time. It has been three days and the jet lag is still with us, but we are all only a few hours off now from being in sync with the local time.

The apartment comes with wi-fi, so that is spiffy. I’ve Skyped my mom and Mark can make phone calls for free using Google Voice, but we haven’t figured out how to receive calls without paying about $1.39 per minute with our ATT plan. Mark’s iPhone is also very expensive to have it roaming here, so we’ll have to do without for now.

The kids start school next week, so we are taking it easy these few days and getting used to our new surroundings. We’ve had a lot of help from our friends Annie and Nico, since neither Mark nor I speak French. She went with us to the government offices for the paperwork needed to enroll our children into the public school. All the while little Ellie, born last month, was strapped to her mother’s bosom just as cozy as could be.


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