From our doorstep

We are living in a fourth floor apartment centrally located in the heart of Lyon, France’s second largest city. We considered choosing a home in the country – especially since we could get a lot more room for the money, but we’ll be returning to the little town of Three Lakes, Wisconsin after this trip and I wanted a contrast.

Our apartment is on the 3rd floor (4th in US)

Right outside our door is the Theatre des Celestins and we are within walking distance of both the metro and the Le Marché Saint Antoine.

The Opera Museum is right outside our front door

When it warms up a bit and the kids start to school, I want to sit outside and sketch the two, robust female figures that adorn the front of the theatre. Here’s one of them, looking down at me with an inviting smile but posed ready to chop my head off. Note the “hairy” arm; those are wires placed there so pigeons are kept from roosting on her.

Those are some seriously hairy arms on that chick! (keeps the pigeons from landing on her)

Speaking of school, it starts for the kids next Monday. Ecole Primaire Lamartine is only 140 meters from our doorstep. In the meantime, they’ve been allowed to watch more cartoons than in all of the rest of their life combined – only because they are broadcast in French! Sagan has successfully conversed in French with a few vendors so far, and I know once she gets going she will find her confidence and do fine in the French public school. Kailas understands some French, but I expect him to catch on after a few months.

As for Mark and me, we are looking into taking a few French classes at the MJC Perrache. Our friend Annie introduced us to this organization. Since they don’t have school on Wednesdays in France, the MJC offers things for kids to do from 8 until 6. This MJC is also relatively close and we’ve walked to it already, but I can imagine some days where we may just hop on the metro and get there instead.


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