Morning at the market

This morning, we were all motivated to get up early despite our lingering jet lag because a visit to the market was planned. This particular market is right along the Saône River – only a couple of steps away from our apartment and is called Le Marché Saint Antoine. It was a perfect morning to shop at an outdoor market; brisk but not too chilly.

Saône River

Almost everything we could want was found here. We ended up getting fresh eggs, strawberries, cabbage, carrots, bread, sausage, wine, cheese…

The market by the riverMark and Sagan at the market

Across the street from the market I spied a chocolatier, and suddenly required a steamy cup of hot cocoa.

I will visit this often!

Sagan also expressed her chocolate deficit, and had one of her own.

Sagan enjoys her hot chocolate

Look at all of these little delicious works of art!

Kailas plans for his birthday treats

It was a nice visit to the market – the first of many!


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Artist. Explorer. Freethinker. Mother of two children.
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