Pack Up, Let’s Go!

School holiday starts today! We’ve been organizing a special trip for over a month now, and tomorrow we leave.

I’m so excited I have a headache. Oh – maybe that’s from dusting. We are vacating this apartment for two weeks so I’ve been giving it a good cleaning. All of our things must be removed (the owner has it rented out while we are gone) and half of it we don’t want to bring with us on our trip.

Never fear, Serge is here!

Our friend Serge (a scuba diver, no doubt – think Jacques Cousteau) offered his basement for storage. He has also suggested we go for a scuba lesson with him. That’s an extraordinary offer, but I think it might kill me. I’m delicate, you see. And easily freaked out by lack of oxygen. I’m chicken. Baaaak!
Oh, okay. Let me think about it some more. Life’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, right?


Would you like to know where we’ll be going?

A hint: It involves fabulous, breathtaking (in a good way) views and there will be incredibly yummy but healthy food.

(No, not Austin, Texas – although you can get both of those things there, too)

Okay, okay I’ll tell you! Specifically, I’ve broken the trip up into three segments: A train trip (and hopefully some hiking) through the Italian Cinque Terre region, a stay on the Greek Island of Santorini and finally we’ll swing up through Switzerland on the William Tell Express train/boat excursion to check out the view from the Alps! There are no photos in this post, but I assure you this will be made up for later.

See why I am so excited? I’m gonna go take an aspirin.

Now where did I pack that…

Nicole informs me that scuba is an acronym for “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus” and should be capitalized. Super. That makes it soo much more uncomfortable sounding. Thanks, sis.


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One Response to Pack Up, Let’s Go!

  1. minhzie says:

    Ooooh I see, wow, sounds like the vacation of a lifetime! I’ve always wanted to go to the Cinque Terre and Santorini, please do share your photos!

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