Cinque Terre (part 1)

We’ve spent the last few days basking in the wonderful personality that is Northern Italy.

Cinque Terre means “five lands” and it has been on my bucket list for a long time now. We are staying in Levanto, known as the gateway to the Cinque Terre. Again, this wasn’t my first choice but it turned out better than if I would’ve found something in one of the five, tiny Cinque Terre towns. Levanto has a great beach, more restaurants and we all simply love it. More on this later.

We are staying at the Hotel Primavera. The web site translation amusingly states “the Hotel appears with a stained and young place. The familiar management guarantees an hearty and a cordial welcome.” Let me just say that I agree with the hearty welcome part and thankfully not the stains!

Our room is small but very clean and it has a pleasant balcony overlooking the street. The breakfast buffet here is expansive and included with the hotel. Two for two on the hotels so far.

(Notice the large palm tree – the entire root system is in that little pot on the bottom.)

Speaking of strange sites, yesterday we walked through a street market and I had to do a double take when I saw this big, black wooly creature.

A bear?

An Italian sheep?

A joke?

The kids talked about this canine for hours afterwards. Now they want to grow Harriet’s hair out like this so she can be the strange dog on the block.

We spent the first evening exploring Levanto. How can I describe it in the fewest words… Mark and I are ready to spend the rest of our European stay here and have the kids learn Italian.


The next day we took a short train ride through a tunnel to one of the Cinque Terre towns called Corniglia. We immediately set out on a morning hike that would take us all the way to the next Cinque Terre town called Vernassa. Here is another blogger’s photos of the trail, since I was a bit busy keeping everyone from plummeting to their deaths.

Actually, I was extremely proud of how both kids fared on this two hour hike. At one point, Sagan exclaimed “This is the best day ever!” just when we passed another English speaking couple. They beamed at each other and said “Did you hear what that little girl said? Isn’t that great?”

Yes, I certainly agree.

I’ll post more later on today – we are heading out for one last bike ride before we leave for Milan this evening.


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3 Responses to Cinque Terre (part 1)

  1. minhzie says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos. You have a beautiful family! I love the kids’ matching outfits…. 🙂

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