Santorini Questions

Driving around the island for the past few days, many things have made us pull over and say “What’s up with that?

For example, what was this large buoy encircling? Why was it there?

Turns out, this marks the spot for a sunken cruise ship. Four years ago, the MS Sea Diamond ran aground. Two people are missing and presumed dead – but the story behind that is a bit elusive.

There is also a controversy surrounding this sunken ship. Locals have suggested to us that the ship was purposely placed in the deepest spot so it could not be recovered or cleaned up.

Here is a fairly recent Greek video posted on youtube about this matter. In Greek.

Another curiosity: There are all these holes in the rocks with doors on them (no, I don’t mean our hotel). You see them everywhere and some of them seem to be in use.

We were told that the ones near the water are used by fishermen to store their boats. The caves on higher ground are used by farmers as a “break room” from the hot sun and merciless ocean winds.

We’ve peeked into a couple (without doors) and they are quite deep.

This was a really interesting discovery; they grow lots of grapes on this island, but instead of the usual trellis, they train their vines into baskets.

I went to the internet to discover why this was done, although we did visit one winery that confirmed what I read.

The grapes are trained to grow inside the basket, where they are protected from the harsh wind and weather on the island.

The winery we visited was the Estate Argyros, by the way. Excellent stuff.

A painfully obvious scene here on the island is the fact that Greece has had some major financial setbacks. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a building project that was abandoned.

Hundreds of these skeletons haunt the landscape here on the island of Santorini. The question isn’t why did this happen (as we know all too well how these things can happen) but what will become of these awful eyesores?

Since Greece is practically bankrupt and has been bailed out by the European Union, there is no answer to this question, I’m sorry to say. I will add a quote from John Adams:

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.
One is by sword.
The other is by debt.

Lastly and on a lighter note, I have a question for everyone. During one of our foggy Santorini mornings, I gave the boys haircuts (taking before and after photos, of course).

Let me know which is preferred by casting a vote in my first blog poll:

Okay, now which haircut do you prefer for Mark?


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