Get Her To The Greek (Food)

You think that’s a goofy title? How about “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding (Feast)”?

Mark and I actually did have a big, fat Greek wedding feast for our reception. Greek food is my most favorite of all, and that is saying a lot for this Foodie. One of the main reasons I planned a holiday on Santorini Island was for the the Greek food (the other being the view, which I’ve already hi-lighted).

The cuisine isn’t fancy or difficult, but ever since I was introduced to it over twenty years ago on my first trip to Greece, I was in luuuurv.

Specially, the mezethe platter. Mezethes (or meze for Turkish, Lebanese, etc.) are dishes served on communal platters that are heavy on the tomatoes, cucumbers and healthy dips – it is considered an appetizer but for me it is the whole meal.

Thankfully I didn’t have to learn Greek to understand what was offered, every restaurant we went to had their menus translated into English.

There is a lot of seafood in the main courses, but I never make it to those. One restaurant we walked by had their daily special hanging in the window. Kailas didn’t realize they were real octopus legs.

Here’s the look on his face when I told him (of course, Sagan wanted that for lunch).

We had one big, fat, Greek meal a day trying out a different restaurant every time. I was in charge of ordering all of the food for everyone, but since this was after a rigorous morning hike I think they would’ve eaten anything. The kids always had the Greek sausage and chicken souvlaki, while mine was all about the salad and dips.

I’d planned to take photos of the food but my excitement was so great when it arrived, I’d already eaten half of it by the time I remembered the camera.

Some of the restaurants were right on the beach.

Some were up on the cliffs.

We avoided the real touristy ones, and found ourselves traveling back to the south side of the island (where we started) looking for interesting places to eat.

Oh, how I luuuuuuurv Greek food.

This is my last post on Santorini. The next adventure before we return to Lyon is Switzerland, with more hiking and more views to experience. I’ll end with one of the nicer photos of the Santorini sunset from the hotel.



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One Response to Get Her To The Greek (Food)

  1. minhzie says:

    I LOVE following your adventures. Looks like this vacation will be one for the kids to remember!

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