Lucerne, Switzerland

Ah, Lucerne, Switzerland. After departing our conflicted train/boat ride and checking into our hotel, we set out for the evening in search of sights and food.

We walked over the Reuss River via the Chapel Bridge which is the city’s most famous landmark. It was enchanting. I couldn’t take it all in with photos, so here’s a very short video:

“I’m right here, Sagan, wearing my Invisibility Cloak.”

(you have to hear the audio on this to understand what I’m talking about)

There was also another covered bridge that had these quaint, medieval-style illustrations along the rafters.
Turns out it is the oldest covered bridge in Europe and when you look closer the drawings depict scenes from the Black Death.

A.k.a. the Plague.


This had been a fortified city with many watchtowers. We climbed up to the wall and walked through several of them. Just look at the view with the mountains in the background.

It really was a beautiful city.

So clean and tidy.

I kept hearing the Duloc tune playing in my head.

This town needed an ogre.

I haven’t mentioned the hotels in Switzerland, perhaps because I’d like to forget them. The one we stayed at in Lugano was called Hotel Besso. It wins the title of Most Expensive Hotel on our trip. It also wins the Ugliest Room Award. And Noisiest Room Award.

Our hotel in Lucerne, The Monopol, was the second most expensive of all the hotels on this trip. There was a Starbucks in the lobby (which offered free internet access while the hotel did not) and as an example of prices, a regular frappuccino costs the equivalent of $8. Ouch. I don’t need the calories anyway.

We had dinner at the Manora Restaurant which is located in a department store called Manor. We were tipped off by someone that the prices were “very reasonable there” – and given the circumstances they actually were.

Before retiring for the evening, we prepared for the next day by visiting a nearby grocery store and stocking up for a picnic. We had a mountain to climb.

Here’s a view from our hotel room at the Monopol:


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