Leaving the city

Yes, we are moving from Lyon. Mark and I made the decision to leave while on our vacation, and I’ll cite the reason. We have one more week here and then we head up to Brittany where we’ll finish off our stay in France.

Sagan did not take it well at first. She has made some enduring friendships and will have to miss a big slumber party next month. We’ve talked about it and she admits that she doesn’t want to ever leave because she likes her school and the city and all the friends she has – but also realizes that we had always planned on leaving and she knew she would have to deal with it, just now it is a month earlier than expected. She is still bummed but looks forward to meeting new kids in a different part of France. She’s had a lot of experience at dealing with change in a positive way.

As for Kailas, it doesn’t matter where he is, as long as it’s with his sister.

Now for the reason. When we left the city last month for spring break and stayed in Levanto, Italy, we both felt a familiar relief that we’d not enjoyed since our move to Lyon. City life and its concentration of humanity had gotten to us. When we realized that we both weren’t looking forward to returning, a change had to be made.

We need to always look forward.

Nothing but a lease contract was tying us to Lyon, so we decided to put together a new scenario. After a few e-mails with our apartment property managers, we were able to get out of our long term lease without any penalties, agreeing to stay here one more month (which ends next weekend).

Because I’d never been there and had heard some nice things, I concentrated on Brittany. With the temperatures rising it would also be more comfortable weather wise, although I’ve been warned that it rains a lot there. These last few weeks have been spent searching for the perfect small town and a place to live that had a yard and some breathing room.

Here are the main web sites that I used to search for properties:

French Connections

Sabbatical Homes

Home Away Holiday Rentals

The people that I corresponded with also offered suggestions for other places to look into (that aren’t listed on these web sites). The Sabbatical Homes web site is mainly for long term stays, while most of the others are flexible. Many places were available for the short term, but we needed something for the next six weeks. I ended up breaking the stay into two locations, both within the vicinity of Josselin, our new “home town.”

Now that I know we only have one week left in Lyon, I can appreciate it again. We can look forward to visiting this familiar city and the friends we’ve made.

There is still so much to see here! We will certainly return when they complete the huge project planned for the southern edge of the city; building the Confluence Museum. If they can pull it off, it will be spectacular.

Sorry for the lack of photos – I’ll make it up next time! Here’s an old photo of the kids, for nostalgia (and they were just so darn cute):


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