The Cider House Rules

Perhaps John Irving wouldn’t appreciate my pun but I just couldn’t help it.

Considering the problem we encountered earlier with our living situation, I thought this should be a pleasant post about our new home so we can all get those scary images out of our heads.

For the rest of our stay in France, we are living near a small town outside of Josselin called Mohon. The Cider House is a two bedroom gite that belongs to Maggie and Eric, a delightful British couple whose home is right next door. The laundry room, covered carport and pool are shared between us.

The building itself is more than 300 years old. No worries, it has been smartly appointed with all of the 21st century amenities that I care to have. We’ve got WiFi (with a strong enough signal that I can sit out by the pool and surf) but no cable television.


This backyard is worthy of its own post. Heck, its own blog.

It is expansive; an above ground pool, an acre of grassy yard, fruit trees, a strawberry bed, badminton net plus the chicken house and a cute utility shed. All of this with flowers a la mode.

Sagan and Kailas have spent hours now rolling around in the grass – they have a lot of making up to do after our three months in Lyon. The small shed houses the pool equipment and to the right of it is the chicken’s house.

As of yesterday there are now two resident chickens, but I only have a photo of one:

Flowers replace graffiti in Brittany. Indecent numbers blemish the sides of buildings and bridges, obscuring windows and entry ways. Their garish colors and haphazard existence can sometimes be obscene. I mean, really.

Just kidding, of course. They are absolutely spectacular. The Cider House has its fair share of them.

And more flowers…

One of my favorite things (not food related) is the contrast of old stonework and flowering vines.

This is what Brittany seems to be made of; stones and flowers. Following suit our front entry is covered by a vine that will soon have plenty of purple flowers blooming from it.

Meanwhile, back to food. Come on inside and have some Breton Cider and a galette, the traditional food and drink of Brittany.

Oh, what a minute; here’s a photo of the back door. The pool is just outside this door and inside it leads to the shared laundry room.

Accurate photos are featured on the web site so I won’t bother taking any repeat shots, but here’s a few they didn’t include (and my kids are in them).

There are two bedrooms in this gite and Sagan got the bedroom on the third floor all to herself. It has a potty and sink as well.

(She’s still not quite awake in this photo).

The other bedroom has only room enough for a queen-sized bed, but another small single has been strategically tucked into a window dormer for Kailas. He doesn’t mind having the only view overlooking the pool and backyard. Since Maggie and Eric did not include any bathroom photos (and I think that’s a pretty important room) I’ll include one. The tub is nice and big while a sky-light keeps the space bright. The shower is in a separate room. All of these and the living room are on the second floor. These are stealth night shots (aka last minute photos).

The first floor (ground floor) is the kitchen and dining room. The back door leads to the shared laundry and then outside to the pool area.

You can already see images of the kitchen on the web site, but let me just point out the pretty glass bowls! I want some. The plates and tea cups all match and have red poppy flowers on them.

Small but pleasant details like this make a difference for me. There’s no dishwasher and I do wish the fridge and microwave were in a handier location, but all in all this is the most usable kitchen and dining room I’ve had while in France.

For getting about, we are now renting a Peugeot. This compact French-made car burns diesel and when Mark picked it up in Rennes it had 74 kilometers on it. We’ll drop it off in Lyon when we fly out in mid-July. Good thing we’ve got unlimited miles.

The kids had last Thursday and Friday off and we’ve been exploring a bit with our new car, but we’ve found ourselves wanting to stay and relax at the Cider House rather than get out and about.

So this long weekend has been one of recuperation and relaxation.

And flowers.


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