A Lost Tooth and Found Love

Kailas lost his first baby tooth this week. I’ve tucked it safely away in the pocket of my planner so it is sure to make it back with us in three weeks.

That’s right. Only three more weeks left in France and then we return to our home in Wisconsin. I was asked today “if we were looking forward to getting back home.”

It was a simple question but I certainly couldn’t answer it with a yes or no. I’m always looking forward, not necessarily to a particular place. That’s as simple as I could make it.

Today was Wednesday; the clay lesson with Leah Green. Last week I threatened to take part in it and so today I did. Before I show you what Sagan and I created in Leah’s clay class let me mention the other things we did this week in preparing for our cream tea we had this afternoon.

We went to a neighbor’s house and picked fresh raspberries.

On my little stove with a makeshift double boiler, I successfully made clotted cream.

This had to be right you see, as I would be serving it to our new British friends. The clotted cream and the fresh raspberries would top my buttermilk scones (yes, more use for that fermenté maigre).

For a bit of twang, I broke tradition and made some key lime icing that was drizzled on top. It added just a hint of sweetness and acidity to this creamy treat. Here’s my second helping:

Also joining us for tea was a family who lived across the road. The three children were close in age to Sagan and Kailas and so they spent most of the time running about the back yard while the adults enjoyed tea time. Which is what we’d planned all along.

Getting back to clay class, Sagan decided to spend the morning building a turtle. As uninhibited and confident as a child can be, she whips out a turtle and then takes off to play with the dog.

As for me, I was thinking of starting out with something simple –a platter perhaps?

But Leah wanted to challenge me.

“Why not ‘ave a go at a figure? A face? Come on then, let’s ‘ave a go” she said in a lilting British accent I couldn’t refuse.

The three hours this morning seemed to go by in a flash. The entire time I was engrossed with this blob of clay. It started taking on a shape and then toward the end, a personality.

Leah had nudged my comfort zone. For my first “go at it” I think I am pleased with how it turned out.

More importantly, I’m hooked.


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Artist. Explorer. Freethinker. Mother of two children.
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One Response to A Lost Tooth and Found Love

  1. Joe Lapp says:

    It’s Jean-Luc Picard! Great job, expressive! I love that turtle too. The carapace plates are quite creative.

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