Kids Turn Colors On Stage

Saturday we attended the kid’s end-of-year school performance. It was a musical called Le Pays Des Sons-Jeux composed by Phillippe Catalano. My best translation of this title is Country of the Sound Plays, which shed some light on what it was about.

But not enough for Mark and me to understand much of what was going on.

It was an all out production. The band was rockin’ – seriously, they were really good, even the accordion player jammed on stage.

The lighting was colorfully dramatic and never seemed to miss a beat. The fog machine was used liberally (cough, cough).

Because of this fog and lighting, however, my photos are blurry and dark. Photo Impressionism, let’s call it.

All of the kids were instructed to wear black shirts and pants, so we had to make a trip to the store for a couple of black tees. The kids appeared on stage barefoot with various props and colorful accents.

Sagan was part of the “yellow choir” and she did a great job. I think the way she deals with stage fright is to act nonchalant about the whole thing.

I can totally relate to dealing with a stressful situation by pretending to be bored with it all. She can’t fool her mama, though. I am so proud of her for being able to deal.

Kailas did great too. I was especially worried that he might not make it out onto the stage, but there he was with all of his classmates, twirling ribbons and marching to the beat.

Look how tall he is compared to the rest of his class!

Sagan is in the next two photos but you can barely make her out in the background:

Here’s a little bit of video (just 20 seconds) so you can get a better idea of the whole thing:

After the performance, we came home and went swimming!

Mark cooked the fajita chicken on the “barbie” while I made an all out Tex-Mex meal for Maggie and Eric.

It included spanish rice, refried beans (although I couldn’t find pinto and had to use red beans) along with freshly made pico de gallo and guacamole.

For dessert I made a version of my cherry cream cheese pie.

Why the heck not?

Suffice it to say (since I didn’t take photos) there was some real Tex-Mex happenin’ in Brittany this last weekend.

Neighborhood kids we’d met last week came over to play with Sagan in the pool. The girl closest to her age is named Oceana. Isn’t that a gorgeous name?

I know Texas has seen some dreadfully hot weather for the past month, but here in Brittany we’ve only now gotten above 80 F.

Finally it was warm enough to play in the pool, although the water still felt glacial. It was too chilly for Kailas.

I think he prefers a hot tub, anyway.

Just like his mama.


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