A Smidge of French Alps

Meandering between Switzerland and France, we skirted the mountain lake wondering whether to call it Lake Léman or Lake Genéve. The plan was to visit Mont Saléve and take the cable cars up for the view and some hiking. It started to sprinkle. The cable cars were still running despite the rain, but we reluctantly deciding against riding up and instead started looking for a boulangerie. A few minutes later the wind picked up and the rain turned from a shower to an avalanche that included sleet and hail. Wow were we glad not to be in a cable car!

We headed south, watching the turbulent clouds wrestle with the mountain tops. By the time we got to Annecy, the weather started to clear. This photo is of the Pont de la Caille as the clouds gave way to the sun.

Right outside of Annecy are the Gorges du Fier. They’ve attached a path into the rock allowing you to walk 25 meters above the water through this narrow canyon. A bit unnerving, actually.

When the river below floods, this walkway gets covered completely. Photos of past floods showed how much debris gets tangled in the walkway.

This really is a must if you are in the Rhone-Alps region. If the rain had continued we still would’ve visited – just as long as the river stayed below our feet!

Isn’t it spectacular? You could say the day ended up being ‘gorge’ous, in fact.

It is great to see how much Sagan enjoys hiking. We had ice cream afterwards and I bought my usual touristy refrigerator magnet.

Now for the town of Annecy. Scenic. Historic. Artsy. Surrounded by mountains, a lake, with canals carved through its heart – simply one of the most beautiful cities we’ve passed through in France. The tourists were many, but not to the extent of crowds.

If you notice Sagan’s impatient look, she is ready to stop all this posing in front of the canals so we can get to the playground, our final destination for the day.

We didn’t get to scale a mountain, but the kids think this is just as swell.

They know these are our last few days in France and are having a bit of nostalgia. Sagan collects a rock from every place she wants to remember. We have quite a load now. Unlike Sagan, Kailas doesn’t worry about where we will be from day to day or when we will be flying home.

“Soon” is good enough for him.


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