Au plaisir de vous revoir, France

Lyon’s airport has a hotel conveniently and literally a few steps away from the gates. This is where we stayed on our last night in France. The rooms are soundproof and I never heard the planes – and the view of the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport was terrific.

The day before leaving France was spent walking around Lyon, visiting the places that will remain in the children’s memory for the rest of their lives. The day was a warm one, so the kids got slushies and ice cream.

So toasty was the weather that children were playing in the fountains, including my child – until the police came and told them to get out! Now why would they make such a nice, shallow wading pool with little spurts of water shooting up and not let kids play in it?

At the end of the day we had the pleasure of dining alfresco with Annie and Ellie.

Look how big Ellie has grown since we arrived in March!

We ate at one of Annie’s favorite neighborhood restaurants called Ninkasi, and it was quite tasty. This place brews their own beer, offers unique food and features live musicians.

This sounds like a place you’d find in Austin, Texas, doesn’t it?

Sagan and Ellie had their first of many conversations but it was not in French or English. It’s baby language for now, but I think they still understood each other.

Since I don’t drink beer (it makes me sneeze) it was a mojito for me. Ellie approved.

The next day we flew back to Chicago and missed a night’s sleep. We are still adjusting to the time change, but everything else has fallen back into place quite easily.

Although we are in the States now, I’ll continue to write about our adventures; Wisconsin deserves no less.


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