Update on Josselin Sabbatical Home

We are back in the States (for now) but there is still one hot issue playing out from our stay in France.

Remember that home in Josselin that turned out to be a headache? We ended up hiring a french lawyer (something we have never had to do in our lives – French or otherwise) to get our money back after we’d payed the owner of the Josselin property in full via bank transfer. She claimed she’d already spent the money.

Our lawyer (or avocat, in French) was shocked after reading through the emails. The biggest issue that caught the lawyer’s eye was the fact that this woman was offering her house without an agreement. There was a mention of tax evasion, but we weren’t necessarily ready to get the French government involved.

Not yet.

After giving our lawyer copies of the photos I’d taken and also before and after screen shots of the Sabbatical Home listing (the woman went in and changed some details – such as taking out the claim of having a clothes dryer – good thing I anticipated that she would do that!) our lawyer crafted a letter which was sent out within weeks of the incident.

We’ve recently gotten a response. It is hard to tell if this woman is under the delusion that her filthy home represents French culture, or if she knowingly touts this conspicuous neglect as such. Either way it is an insult to the French. Along with this glaring insult, her response included more personal jabs at our family, including claims that we (in our one and a half nights stay) were the ones that brought her home down to the shabby state it is in. She has offered to partially refund the money.

It is one thing to abuse another human being, but to exploit an entire culture? That really takes a special kind of corrupt nature. I think for this offense, we will take some time out of our busy lives and stand up for ourselves and for the French.

So we have decided to take her to court.


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