Summer in the Northwoods

My Texas family got to experience summer “Northwood’s style” last weekend. The weather was typical, which means mid-eighties with showers capable of popping out of nowhere.

Although our little town is called Three Lakes, it really should be named “Many Lakes” or “Bountiful Lakes” because there are way more than three. There’s more water than land and to get from point A to point B requires a lot of winding around bodies of water. One of our outings took us through the woods to Mark’s childhood swimming hole, Franklin Lake.

It was secluded. There was only one other family there and the kids played in the sand with them until they left, and then it was just us.

Well, us and a family of ducks. They moved in as soon as we decided it was time to go.

Later on that day, we took a ride down the Three Eagle Trail. The kids went with us at first, but that didn’t last more than a mile. Although it was late in the day, my sister and I decided to ride to the end and back; about fifteen miles.

No one else was on the trail, but we would not be traveling alone [insert evil laughter here].

Northern Wisconsin my be clear of any poisonous snakes, deadly spiders or fire ants – but there is one pest that almost makes up for it; the deer fly. They bite out chunks of flesh and then sponge up the liquid. Eeck. Thankfully, like werewolves and vampires, they are only out at a certain time of day during a certain time of year.

Which was, uh, the time we went for our bike ride through the woods.

The ride itself was nice except we had to keep moving lest we become overrun with the nasty creatures and eaten alive. They dive bombed our heads and at one point my sister was worried since I had so many covering my backside. We joked to each other what the Forensic Files show would be titled in which they find our two half eaten carcasses alongside the trail.

We made it back alive (although I am still nursing a few bites.) Monday we dropped the Texas family off at the Rhinelander airport and the next day was Sagan’s ninth birthday! We went to pick wild raspberries but they were few and far between, so we ended up having to make a run to the store for them.

She insisted on having a pavlova cake and although I’ve made this cake many times, this one turned out terrible. The eggs were fresh from the hen, so perhaps they were too fresh? My meringue ended up flat and flabby but it still tasted okay and Sagan didn’t mind. Grandma Maureen shared it with us – but I was embarrassed to offer it to anyone else. No photos of this ugly cake!

The day after the birthday was the Clydesdale parade. Wow those were big horsies.

It was such a full week!

Sagan decided she wanted to have a lemonade stand so all by herself she designed the sign and got the things together to set up a booth by the parking lot. Kailas was her “go-fer” guy, running up and down the stairs fetching things.

Her stand was something Mark quickly put together last year for the Pumpkin Fest ticket booth (which, although a very creative use of pvc pipe, you might agree that it needs some “sprucing up” before it gets used again this year.)

Today we attended the Faerie Festival.
Or tried to.

It was out on a lake (not sure which one) and we’d only been there about thirty minutes when the sky began to darken.

The stage performance ended prematurely when the electricity was knocked out all across the lake.

Gusts of wind blew up a water spout which elicited a gasp from all of the fairgoers. Very soon after that came the rain, thunder and lightening. Everyone (hundreds of people, it seemed) headed indoors, which was one large, three story victorian house full of antiques. With a wrap-around porch.

The kids didn’t get to enjoy making a faerie house, but watching the storm blow through packed in a dark house full of antiques was interesting enough. We were stuck here until our ride came. Mark was a good hour away picking up supplies in Rhinelander.

When we got home, everyone was hungry but the electricity was out here, too. No worries; our stove is gas so we found the matches to light it and made grill cheese sandwiches.

I expect next week to be just as busy!


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