Abandon Ship! (and don’t leave the teeth)

This is my final post on our Alaskan cruise adventure and it reads like a last minute suitcase; packed messy with memories and photos I think are worth sharing.

Things like the fact that both of my kids lost a tooth on this cruise.

It was trauma drama for Kailas. Held in only by gravity, he did not want anyone to touch it. Or even speak of it. He sat through lunch with his mouth hanging open and the mere mention of his tooth turned him pale. The poor guy didn’t eat dinner either, so when he fell asleep I reached in and got the thing before it was swallowed. My sister and mom know why I have complete empathy for him, while Mark thought his son was going insane.

Sagan, on the other hand, practically yanked one out that was only slightly loose. She begin wiggling it at first to show Kailas how it’s done. This of course didn’t help matters, but even after Kailas’ tooth was free she continued to wiggle hers through out the next day until eventually it gave way and now I have two teeth to bring home from the ship.

Sagan also wanted me to curl her hair one night for the “fancy” dinner. Not surprisingly, she ended up pulling it back in a ponytail.

We pulled out all the stops for this cruise and got a “Deluxe Verandah Suite.”

Our room had a desk, several chairs, a bath with a separate shower and tub, a king sized bed for us and a pull out couch for the kids. Things were a bit worn, but it was a comfortable, well-designed space.

The color scheme was a warm palette of oranges and ochres contrasted with teal and purple accents. My favorite decorating colors. That’s a real plant.

The walkout balcony would’ve been nice too if our neighbor wasn’t in the habit of smoking cigars that smelled like sun-baked roadkill. Phew nelly.

Speaking of colors and decorating, here’s a photo of my favorite area on the ship. The carpet and chairs are a bit worn, but are aging well. Aren’t those chairs sophisticated but fun at the same time!

Hey, take a look at this U.S. Coast Guard:

Notice the machine gun he is sporting with his fingers on the trigger. What was up with that? We had one on each side of the ship, escorting us out of Ketchikan. Is it because they can see Russia from their house? Is there a Loch Ness monster in the bay? It was a disturbing sight.

We didn’t even get off the ship in Ketchikan. The weather was rainy but besides that, the part of the town within walking distance looked like one big tourist trap. Look how many cruise ships are docked behind us:

Sitting on the deck and looking out at the scenery was much more interesting than wading through a maze of damp tourists to shop for an overpriced diamond.

But that’s just me.

We also had some interesting folks to visit with, too. Roy Zimmerman and his wife Melanie were on board – and they are both golden.

Roy was also the entertainment for our privileged Skeptic group and I’ll be sure to include a video of one of his songs at the end of this post.

And last but not least, the Big Skeptic himself, Michael Shermer. He seemed to be enjoying himself on this cruise, so I’m guessing they’ll probably plan another one for the future.

I think Mark and I will stick to Michael’s Caltech lectures and nature hikes.

Well, we may consider a cruise again when we get real old. I mean, really old.

Teeth-falling-out old.


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