Enjoying time with friends

Our dear friends are back from China and were in Northern Wisconsin this past week. We spent as much time as we could with them – they are the level of friends that you teach your kids to call “aunt” and “uncle.”

This family of five has been living in Hangzhou, China for about a year. Through Skype, we could talk to each other (France to China) unless the Chinese government decided to ban internet correspondence, which it did occasionally.

This past week was mostly spent at their family cabin by the lake, talking about our adventures abroad and wondering about our plans for the future. In our combined tribe we have five lovely, young, rambunctious children; all red heads. Needless to say, visiting between the adults involved some creative multitasking. I tried to snap a shot of all five in a row on the pier, but one of the twins squatted down at the last moment. On purpose.

As you can see, the weather was beautiful for the most part.

The kids had a blast playing together, especially with Erik, who took them on the paddle boat to the island in the middle of Franklin Lake.

Both Sagan and Kailas think Erik is really cool. I do too.

Sagan has always liked Erik, but after this last visit she asked me:

“So, are we related to them? Erik is not really my cousin, right?”

“No. We’ve sort of adopted each other as family.”

“Good. Because I want to marry Erik.”

Oh boy.

So while the kids ran around (did I mention they are all rambunctious?) the grownups drank cocktails by the campfire and ate waaaay too much food.

One afternoon, the women (minus the twins) of our tribe attended a Women’s Equality Day event in Eagle River. We all went to Minocqua afterward for dinner at our favorite local restaurant, The Island Cafe.

Also some where in there we shot off diet coke and mentos at the park.

And celebrated all the kid’s birthdays at the same time (a summer tradition).

It was so nice to spend an extended amount of time with this family. We had intentions of possibly hashing out plans for traveling in the future, but it was enough to just live in the moment for now.


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