Making a home

From this blog, you might get the idea that I have no nesting urge. On the contrary, hoarding is a dominant trait I’ve inherited from my mother’s side (and Sagan’s closet is proof she’s got the hoarding gene as well).

Traveling and moving around for the last five years has made hoarding hard to do. But since we have a living area above our business here in Wisconsin, I’ve simply piled up all my hoardables. All of the kid’s artwork, delicate antiques, my mom’s paintings, Craig’s List finds, treasures from our travels – all still in piles waiting to be rediscovered – and possibly relisted to Craig.

Yes, I am strong enough to let some things go. I’m a gracious hoarder.

Now that we will be here for more than just the summer, I can start to make this place a home. We’ve spent several summers here, and during that time we’ve nibbled away at finishing this place. The first summer here we only had one toilet installed temporarily on the plywood floor. Half of the house was still without drywall. Five years later and with help from our friends Bob and Laura (two amazingly talented, tireless people who without their assistance we still might be using the temp potty) tremendous progress has been made.

But there’s still lots of home improvement projects to be finished underneath all of my piles of hoarding. The kids have started school (and loving it – I’ll post more on that later) and I’ve done a swan dive into all of these house projects. Now is the time to make this house a home; the ultimate comfort zone for my family.

Since we don’t have any plans for traveling these next few months, along with all of our Wisconsin adventures I’ll be posting photos of my home improvement progress! That’s the plan, anyway.

Living in Wisconsin is as much of an adventure for the kids as a semester in France.

For me? Not so much…but I do love being able to act on my urges. Right now, I’m nesting.


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Artist. Explorer. Freethinker. Mother of two children.
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