The wood beneath my feet

We’re not traveling right now. I’ve got time to finish the gazillions of projects I started- gazillions of years ago. One of them is the hole left in the flooring.

Menards is as far as I’ve been venturing out these days. They had a big sale a few years ago on 3/4 inch oak flooring and that’s what we’ve used in almost every room in this house. In one area, I wanted a large square left unfinished. My plan was to design and install a tile mosaic when the time and muse came together for me.

A few years have passed since that hole was made. It has been filled temporarily with two funky carpet remnants. The muse was not materializing, so lately I’ve searched for simple encouragement. I’ve perused the internet and found a lot of inspiring mosaics; others were downright intimidating. The work of Emma Biggs along with her wonderfully descriptive web site was a good start.

The design that I have in my head is loosely based on a Momeni New Wave rug, which itself is inspired by the work of artist Gustav Klimt.

I purchased this for our living room and luurv the warm colors and energetic, abstract pattern.

Last week, my golden doodle puked on one of those carpet remnants. Perhaps that pile of half digested kibble was my muse, but from that day forward I have been focused on finishing that hole left in the flooring.

I’m real happy she didn’t puke on my purty rug.

The first thing that needed to be done was the frame. Mark did this with some beautiful tiger oak, cutting forty-fives for the corners and measuring everything precisely for the twelve inch granite tiles that would go in next.

He also put down the tile backerboard, then I stained and varnished the wood. After that was all dry, he installed the green granite. These tiles were left over from another flooring project we’d done earlier, which turned out quite nice:

Yep, that’s a yellow toilet. This is our “powder room” and in addition to the granite I placed four small onyx tiles into the design. (That room isn’t finished yet, either).

To protect it while the tiles set, Mark covered the area with extra trimwork (signs of yet another unfinished project) and all that’s left to do now is the mosaic.

The area for the mosaic is four feet square. I’ll work out a rough design in colored pencil first then translate it into mosaic tile shapes. The colors will be similar to the carpet and I’ll use a combination of ceramic tile, stone and maybe glass tiles. None of these do I have as of yet.

We’ve made some great progress on this so far and I’m excited about the next steps, so it’s very likely this will get finished! Sagan said “I’ll be your muse, Mama!” She wants to do her own mini-mosaic with me and her fearless, uninhibited way of making art may be just what I need.

Any other inspiration and input on this is very welcome!


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4 Responses to The wood beneath my feet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is that that place where I keep stubbing my toes on the edge of the floor? Dang it will be worth finishing it just for that.

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