Fall in the Northwoods

It has been several years since we’ve spent autumn in a place that offers such a strident change of season. Yesterday as the kids and I walked home from school, an emphatic wind whipped by us, liberating the leaves from the tree above. The shower of bright oranges and yellows convinced us, as well, to twirl around wildly. I remember now; something about this time of year in northern Wisconsin stirs up an excitement within me. Here, fall always comes without hesitation (unlike Texas) and sometimes rather aggressively.

Hold on to your butt!

the wind seems to whisper its warning,

A Wisconsin Winter is coming!

We’ll get a few more weeks of these beautiful yet cautionary colors and then the snow will come, bringing another good reason for twirling around.

The kids are doing well in their first public school – their first english speaking school, in fact. This week Kailas was recognized during a school assembly and received a “Citizen of the Month” certificate.

He and and the other certificate winners were then treated to a lavish breakfast that included… doughnut holes! I think that’s all he ate.

Needless to say, he is doing very well in first grade, loves his teacher and does his homework enthusiastically (because he loves his teacher).

And Sagan?

My darling, willful Sagan. That’s how her teacher has described her (the willful part, anyway). Considering her independent nature and…well, genetics, she really is adapting nicely to this public school environment.

Understandably, the kids are expected to fall in line both literally and figuratively. This ability to follow directions, obey the rules, don’t cause waves – was included in the merits of being a “citizen of the month.” The thought of many of these constraints makes Sagan bristle. Much like a cat.

Have you ever heard of the saying “like herding cats“?

Yeah. She is doing great academically and prefers to do her homework outside (this might change when it gets colder). Science is her strongest subject, of course.

Both of the kids love their new school and their “new” surroundings. I’ll just have to make sure Sagan’s teacher is properly supplied with “cat nip.”


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2 Responses to Fall in the Northwoods

  1. jdlarkin says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog accidentally when I was looking into Greek Mezetha’s and Turkish Meze. I am sure that this meant for you family, but if you don’t mind I would like to check back and see what other adventures your and your family have. Your pictures are great and I have enjoyed your writing. Best wishes, Jenna.

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