Courage in the Laundry Room

Earlier I posted on my floor mosaic project and since then I’ve sketched out some rough designs and also gathered mosaic tiles from different sources.

But I’m intimidated. This project is outside of my “comfort zone” and so I’ve decided to tackle something less obvious and substantial first: The Laundry Room.

This room, however, is not insignificant!

Doing laundry seems like an after-thought in most homes – either relegated to a dark corner of the garage or crammed into a tiny, unpleasant room along with the cat litter. Obviously these houses were designed by someone who has never had to do laundry! When drafting the design for our living space, I placed the laundry room in the center of the house for easy access by all (it is also conveniently connected to our walk-in closet). I don’t expect guests to gravitate there and mingle during a dinner party, but they certainly will use it when visiting.

So my laundry room is going to be comfortable and have character. A pleasant personality.

Last month Bob (a.k.a. Bob the Builder) constructed the cabinetry I designed to hang above the washer and dryer.

Here he is in the wood shop using Paul’s Woodmaster molding machine.

We’re storing it for Paul while he and his family roam the world, see.

I’ve painted the walls the same grey as the grey octagon and dot tile put down on the floor a couple of years back.

The walls are ten feet tall, so I wallpapered the top fourteen inches with a subtle, art nouveau inspired wallpaper.

Now for the not-so-intimidating tiling job. Mark removed the laundry sink so I could tile behind it with a less traditional, more contemporary mosaic. I’ve picked something whimsical. Something silly. Something on sale off the shelf at Home Depot…

Check out these glass bubbles!

The wall tiles were finished off with white grout to bring it all together visually.

Somewhere in the corner of this laundry room squeezed up against a purring washer, I found my courage.

Working with mosaic tile is a bit scary for me because there’s no undo button. You can’t just paint over it with another color. On the other hand, I love it for its permanence.

After all is said and grouted, everything looks better with mosaic tile.

My laundry room has certainly taking on a personality now; let’s call it “eclectic bohemian.” With a few exceptions, this is the theme throughout most of my house.

Another little feature I wanted in this space was a four inch shelf running around the entire perimeter of the room just below the wallpaper.

Now all my little treasures can look down on me while I do laundry and say “Dust me! Dust me!”


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2 Responses to Courage in the Laundry Room

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it, Shane!! Almost gives me courage to do something similar for the backsplash in my kitchen. I’ve never seen those bubble tiles before.

  2. Nicole says:

    My laundry room is in a prime position for guests to use – in the kitchen where your butt is against the table while you wash. I’m not sure what townhouse designers are thinking.

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