Make yourself uncomfortable

This blog has been about widening our “comfort zone.” Traveling and exploring other countries, cultures, cuisines and languages help broaden our understanding and appreciation of them. Only by making this effort can we become comfortable with it.

This not only applies to places, but to people as well.

I was reminded of this recently when I watched a short excerpt from a documentary called “Guru Zane” which is about the life of a 9 year old disabled boy and his family. Near the end of this video, the mom offered this advice:

Even though he is different, he still wants you to say hello to him, and love him.

You know, just like everybody. Don’t ignore him just because you are uncomfortable.

Be uncomfortable.

It is okay to be uncomfortable.

We all know that uncomfortable feeling she is referring to. It is only natural to feel this way when someone is not behaving “normally” or doesn’t look “normal.” Sagan has a disabled classmate this year and I’ve observed her progress as she’s grown increasingly comfortable with him. She truly appreciates his sense of humor and now understands his limitations.

Disabled people. Old people. Children. Babies. Sick people. This courageous mom’s message should be applied to all. Being “uncomfortable” is part of broadening one’s comfort zone.

Thanks to my friend Mandy for bringing this documentary to my attention, and reminding me of another important lesson of life.


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