A Week in the Bathroom

With all of the festivals behind us and the fall catalog done for the business, I can now relax and spend a week crawling around on the floor in Sagan’s bathroom. No, I haven’t been sick – but it has certainly been therapeutic to finally finish many of the nagging projects left to do in there. Well, almost finish.

Interior decorating is monstrous fun when you don’t have to worry about resale value. With this bathroom (as well as everything else here) I’ve veered off the safe and comfortable Beige Road. Heck, I’ve never even set foot on it.

The journey has been at times a bit scary, and I’ll admit being lost once or twice.

My inspiration for colors and theme for Sagan’s bathroom came from the wallpaper I used in her bedroom. In fact, I couldn’t help myself and papered one of her bathroom walls with it:

Yep, I’ve completely left the safe road and ignored all professional advice. (and you wondered where Sagan gets it from).

Okay fine you knew where she gets it from. No one can go wrong with an early 1900’s bathroom design with classic white subway tile and an authentic cast iron clawfoot tub – but now it’s time to add panache. I started by doing my own “plumming” of the tub;

It is Sagan’s bathroom, so she was a consultant to some degree with this project although I drew the line when she suggested pink fur on the walls. She also thought my color palette was too limited.

This week, she helped me put in the tiny mosaic tiles that went around the perimeter of the room. The color mixture consisted of lavendar, soft pink, pearlescent grey, light aqua and antique cream. It still needs to be grouted.

Also used (Sagan loves these) are tiny squares of mirror. Certainly not something you would see in a classic early 1900’s bathroom.

A girl’s gotta have her bling.

The walls are also painted an aqua color that I pulled from the wallpaper. The first try at this color looked sickly (this I decided after painting the entire bathroom). Another Home Depot trip and second coat of paint later I’m fairly content with the result, as long as we use the right type of lightbulbs. Wow does that make a difference.

This antique, tiger oak dresser will be used for the vessel sink.

Mark matched up the plumbing and drilled the holes in the piece. I’ve got everything tiled behind it except for the mosaic that will go around the faucet. We also need to order a slab of pink granite or perhaps marble to go on top – and then she can have a sink in her bathroom. Finally!

That’s what I’m working on now using the same glass mosaic tiles. This is more good practice for when I tackle the big mosaic mural that still seems to intimidate me.

Speaking of mirrors, I’m waiting for the right opportunity to obtain some glamourous, venetian mirror to go over this sink. They don’t pop up on Craig’s List too often, unfortunately.

There is already a mirror in this room; just a little shy, unobtrusive thing complete with mirrored leaves and birds and metal and stuff. Nothing too fancy, see.

The defining theme (if you can call it that) leans toward “Hollywood Glam” infected with a big dose of bohemian style.

The more we move forward with this room and finish things up, the more fun it gets to take a bath in the purple tub.

Wouldn’t you say so, Harriet?


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2 Responses to A Week in the Bathroom

  1. Anonymous says:

    You havin a breakdown in there in the bathroom corner? Sagan gets it from you, but you get it from mama.

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