I Say It’s My Birthday

Friday morning I woke up and exclaimed “We’re going to the Mall of America!”

Mark was expecting a proclamation like this from me – it was my birthday and that’s how it works on my birthday. Although the MOA isn’t exactly my dream-come-true birthday destination, it certainly is the center of the universe for two children I know.

Make that three. My little niece Charlotte loves the place, too. Four hours before take off we secured seats for her and her mommy on a plane from Houston to Minneapolis. As for our preparations, we dropped Harriet off at the kennel, threw some luggage together, picked up the kids from school and took off. I love spontaneity. Sometimes.

We headed for the epicenter of U.S. consumerism; a ground zero that never stops shaking -the money from your pockets. You know my feelings about malls and shopping, but this place is different; for me it is like visiting a Museum of Western Culture in the Early 21st Century. I try and imagine what someone with a different perspective would think of it, such as a person from the Victorian era or from modern day Nigeria.

Of course, the reason we went to the MOA is to enjoy it through a child’s perspective.
Hey lookie there’s Spongebob!

The MOA has a theme park in the center of it and a Sealife Aquarium on the lower level. And as if that’s not enough stimulation, we reserved a room at the Radisson Bloomington which is connected to the Water Park of America.

We’ve been to this water park in the middle of a frigid Minnesota winter when the temperature difference between the park and the tundra outside was at least 90 degrees. At twenty below they think about closing the tube slides that go outside of the building for fear of ice forming.

Thankfully the only ice in sight this weekend was the popsicles.

Our little monkeys had tremendous fun playing at the water park, but most of all they were happy to see their cousin. It was one surprise after another for them.

After we’d gorged ourselves at the Tandoor Restaurant’s all-you-can-stand-to-eat buffet, we headed to the MOA. The Legoland has been recently remodeled and what greeted us this year was a three story tall, blue transformer (made out of Legos, of course). Kailas and I took the escalator up so we could get a closer look, but my photo is from the third floor (I think).

The rest of the day was spent on rides – we hardly ventured into the mall area.

The kids (and grownups) were tuckered out at the end of this day.

The next day we did more of the same; water park in the morning and then back to the mall for one last ride on the coasters. The kids also participated in a cupcake making session that was offered by the Upper Midwest Bakery Association. This mall seems to have something unique going on every day.

Of course I had my ceremonial crepe at the Magic Pan – something I always must do although I think by now my crepes are much better than theirs.

Six years ago little Charlotte, my sister and our mom made a trip up to visit. We took them to the MOA (no roller coasters for Charlotte back then).

My how time flies.


Weird side note: This Radisson Hotel did not have the room number 666. What century are we living in, again?


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6 Responses to I Say It’s My Birthday

  1. Red hair is a sign of intelligence! Thanks for sharing your birthday. You have a beautiful family!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who took those awesome stunning photographs? Ansel Adams? Olan Mills?

  3. Reba Kenison says:

    Thank you ever so for you post. Keep writing.

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