Sorry, Mr. Turkey

I’ve had a nasty case of strep throat this past week and wasn’t sure what shape I’d be in to make the mountainous meal that was expected by my kids on Turkey Day. Yep, after all the promotion this past week at school (Kailas even crafted a turkey from a mitten!) they both expected nothing less than their very own dead bird to eat.

Mark doesn’t eat meat and I’ve never liked turkey much, but the kids were so excited about taking part in this American tradition we caved to their request. This was last minute but we had to find a “healthy” bird. The only creature at our table that would be stuffed full of antibiotics would be me. We ended up finding an organic, free-range turkey from Golden Harvest. They also have made-from-scratch (with butter, yum!) pies there, so I picked up a raspberry rhubarb. It was a feast catered toward the kid’s tastes, so I didn’t make the traditional casseroles – the only “mushy” thing was mashed potatoes.

Along with our turkey I made brocolli, green beans (from our garden) and corn – all at the same time with my new acquisition from Craigs List:

Isn’t this a neat steamer? The seller had brought it over from Saudi Arabia and didn’t want to lug it back with him. I lurrrv it. The turkey turned out pretty good; I marinaded it in a honey vinegar mix. The kids liked it, anyway.

Afterwards we watched the film “Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower.” Besides the idea that eating turkey will cause drowsiness, there were many other Thanksgiving myths the kids and I explored this weekend.

All of our snow has melted here and it is oddly warm. We walked to the park to see the Lighting of the Tree, which was graciously done by the volunteer fire department.

Okay, not very evenly done, but hey – they tried.

Besides the lighting of this 75 foot tall spruce, there were free cookies, hot cocoa and of course, Santa. My kids have never wanted to sit in Santa’s lap and this day was no exception. We did have the cookies and hot cocoa, though.

And then we went over to the theater where the Center for the Arts sponsored a gingerbread house craft.

We’ve got lots of turkey left. I think I like Kailas’ better than the one in the fridge!


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2 Responses to Sorry, Mr. Turkey

  1. Looks delicious! Good job, Shane! The turkey mitten gets a “thumbs up” from us, too!

  2. marlashane says:

    Thanks, Anne!

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