Chicago in December

A trip of about 1,300 miles lays before us. We took this opportunity to visit The Windy City again, although at this time of year it could mean Death by Wind if you’re not prepared.

We tried a new hotel this time. The Hotel Monaco was offering a special and so we took it – and what a great deal we got! Sagan claimed her bed right away.

The location downtown was convenient, the colors inside were enchanting – and we had a goldfish to keep us company (notice the tank on the desk).

Giant window seats were fitted with a pad and pillows, making it comfortable enough to sleep on (if you don’t mind a wall of glass being the only thing between you and a 9 story drop).

The wild, kid sized animal-print robes were also a big hit.

With the kids anyway. Mark wouldn’t model his zebra robe.

But we couldn’t get too comfortable; there was the Nutcracker (an uncomfortable word if ever there was one) to see! I’d reserved tickets to see The Joffrey Ballet’s rendition at the Auditorium Theatre.

Kailas was especially excited to see it, but guess what he did.

About five minutes into the second half of the performance, he fell asleep. In my lap.

That’s okay. We had already had a full day and what he did see, he enjoyed. After a restful stay at the Monaco, the next day we took on magnificent mile after mile of The Museum of Science and Industry.

Chicago was already a site to see decked out in millions of colorful lights and elaborate window displays, but the Museum was simply over the top with their holiday trappings. The kids spent the morning at a special exhibit, “Dr. Seuss and the Art of Invention.” Sagan volunteered to help with a demonstration at one point:

There was so much to see, we will have to make another trip here next year. Real trains, model trains and the entire downtown of Chicago replicated in miniature (notice the red head at the end of the avenue):

Of course it was great to go on christmas eve; no crowds.

Here’s a quote from Carl Sagan on display. Oh yeah I love this museum.

I think this is Kailas’ favorite museum now (check out his stylin’ bug tie).

It certainly ranks high for me, too, although The Field is hard to beat.

Brrrrrrrr…Bravo, Chicago! You’re sure cold in December but with so many first-rate museums, what’s it matter?


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