Deep in the piney woods

East Texas is where I grew up. My parents and relatives still live here, hence the reason for our long trek south this winter break. Kailas was reunited with Charlotte his twin cousin (they were born on the exact same day).

We pitched the tent indoors so the kids would have somewhere to sleep. For the past week Granny’s apartment runneth over with grand kids (and sometimes her toes were runneth over, too).

Over-stuffing was the theme this past week. Stockings really should’ve been more like hosiery to hold all of their loot; and believe it or not we managed to devour all of this delicious food my mom made. Plus some.

The kids played non-stop for days and when we made the trip to visit Pawpaw, they got to really let loose – outdoors.

We’d brought all of our camping supplies with the plan of making the most of a mild December in East Texas. The weather turned out even better than I’d hoped for…but more importantly, the kids could take those things outside!

This is the house where I grew up. The kids had a tire swing and a pile of dirt to play on. Pawpaw attached a wagon behind his lawn mower and pulled the grand kids around – yep, just the same as when my sister and I were little.

I don’t know who had more fun – him or the kids.


About marlashane

Artist. Explorer. Freethinker. Mother of two children.
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