Texas, Don’t Mess with Weird

We’ve been away from Austin for one year exactly. As we drove into town, the kids got anxious about seeing old friends.

Sagan nervously mumbled to herself while Kailas voiced concern that his buddies may not recognize him. Although I reassured him it had only been a year and he hadn’t changed much, he then continued to fret saying “but I can’t remember what they look like!”

We made a beeline for Central Market. The kids sprinted for the playground where they seemlessly reacquainted themselves with old friends. Being experienced CMers, we found strategic seats that allowed us to watch the kids, eat our lunch while also avoiding the drop zones. Dang those black birds can get disturbingly close with their sinister eyes, prehistoric chirping and sharp beaks, but mostly they just poo on your head.

No matter how many times we’ve done this, I always jump when the beeper goes off for the food. And does anyone else have a Pavlov’s dog reaction to those things, are is it just me? It really was a perfect day; beautiful weather in one of my favorite cities – what a great way to start out the new year!

We actually made use of Central Market’s playground on more than one occasion. We really had some catching up to do on our CM time.

The kids weren’t the only ones carousing with old friends. And by old I mean I’ve known this gal since we were in second grade.

(which really seems like a helluva long time ago. Yikes.)

Yes that’s a pile of sushi you see. We ate about a month’s worth of food in the span of three days. One evening was spent with my old Meetup group for Chips-n-Chat at Santa Ritas. For breakfast one morning, I snarfed a box full from the dessert bar at Wholefoods. I bubble tea’d myself silly. The kids pretty much ate what ever they wanted because Mama was setting such a bad example.

Yeah, corn dogs at the Waterloo Ice House. But this was a special occasion, so yeah, climb onto the blue cow’s back and pretend to swing your lassos while yodeling at the top of your lungs. Heck yeah! I’d be up there too…but I’m uncomfortably full.

Our nights were spent at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center. When we checked in there were quite a few people with neon hair in the lobby. Then we saw leg warmers. And wings. Furry hats with ears. This was Austin, so it would take a lot more weird for us to realize that there was actually a convention going on and these were the dedicated fans.

It was wonderful to enjoy such nice weather in January. Soon we’ll be back in Wisconsin bundled up in our snow gear, but for now it was time to rollick in the Hill Country.

The kids also got to spend an entire morning with their old class at the Magellan International School. This was the highlight of the kids visit to Austin and they didn’t want to leave!

We eventually had to say good bye, and it was difficult. I think the kids left their sweaters at Magellan on purpose so we would have to visit one last time.

They are learning at a young age that real friendships don’t end when one friend moves away. They know they will always have a friend in Austin.


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2 Responses to Texas, Don’t Mess with Weird

  1. anaustin826 says:

    What the hell!! You left without even ringing me up?! So bummed. The girls have followed your blog with me and were looking forward to seeing your kiddos. :o(

    travel safely,

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