Back in the zone

After almost two months without an entry, I’m happy to be back.

What better reason to break the silence than Kailas’ seventh birthday party. It was held in the small, downtown theater that has been renovated by a tenacious and resourceful group of artists who also use the front lobby as an art gallery. There’s also a stage for live performances and a small dance floor in front. They achieved art deco style on a budget!

Since it was held on St. Patrick’s Day and Kailas is practically half leprechaun that’s the theme I went with for this party. There was a reasonable licensing fee (it varies with each movie) to show The Secret of the Kells. In the invitations I urged everyone to wear green, so of course more than a few came in Packer garb – this is Wisconsin after all.
The birthday boy sported a kelly green bow tie and a hat I’d spray painted green for the occasion. While I set up things in the theater, he sat in the gallery and made a few masterpieces.

Sagan had a green velvet dress, but after jumping around “helping” me for thirty minutes she got too hot and went home to change. The weather was unseasonably warm (low 70’s) for northern Wisconsin.

For those of you who know how I like to make birthday cakes- this one was fun and fairly simple. The night before the party I made a “pot o’ gold” cake complete with foil wrapped chocolate coins. It rode in my lap to the theater which is only a few blocks away but because of winter’s thaw there were 2,843 potholes along the route.

A word of advice: If you want to get your kids to smile in a photograph you can tell a joke. Or do something funny. But don’t ask them to smile, or you’ll get this:

Have you seen those candles that burn different colors and wondered if they really do? Well I got some and they really do!
We sang the notorious song and Kailas revelled in the attention.

What made my day was the “ahhhh!” from the kids when I sliced into the cake. For this little pot o’ gold, the rainbow was inside!

It was admired but check out the other kid’s shirt – it covers St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween all in one. How cool is that?

It seems I’m a bit rusty on blogging since this took me twice as long as usual to post, but it felt good to do. Those of you encouraging me these last few months (and you know who you are) let me just say “thank you.”
Life is good – with you in it.


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One Response to Back in the zone

  1. andrea says:

    what a great job you did, You are so talented

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