Who goes there?

My husband and I are two Americans who want our kids to grow up experiencing other cultures and landscapes, to speak multiple languages and extend their comfort zone way beyond what a typical life and education in the U.S. can offer. After years of International Schools and language lessons, we’ve decided that the best way to offer our children a global perspective is to get out and live it. 

It is my philosophy that happiness doesn’t come from making oneself as comfortable as possible, but from the challenge of overcoming the uncomfortable. This blog is meant to document our experiences as our comfort zones constantly change – sometimes by choice and sometimes unexpectedly.

Along with our triumphs and struggles, I hope to include practical information for anyone thinking about breaking out on their own adventure. I’ve found that the hardest comfort to leave behind is our family and friends, so please come along with us in spirit. Share our experiences vicariously!


6 Responses to Who goes there?

  1. leftymama says:

    You have me dreaming of doing this same thing with my own family. Very inspiring!

  2. celinesch says:

    It was great to meet you in Lyon and get the flavor of your family unique adventure. We wish you all the best and will love to follow your next explorations through your blog. Hopefully we can meet again in France or Asia or else… Take care!
    Celine, Leo, Gustave & Violette.

  3. I’m super impressed! What a great vision for your family.

  4. I have so enjoyed reading your blog today! I am also from East Texas and was wondering what city you came from?

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